What Do All those Titles Mean?


American Kennel Club
Canine Performance Events (CPE) United Kennel Club (Ukc)
NA- Novice Agility CL1-F  Level 1 Fun UAGI - Level 1
NAP- Novice Prefered CL1-H  Level 1 Handler UAGII - Level 2
NAJ - Novice Jumpers CL1-S Level 1 Strategy UACH - Agility Champion
  CL1-R Level 1 Standard  
NJP - Novice Jumpers Preferd CL1 All Level 1 Classes  
OA- Open L1-PLT Point Level 1 Title  
OAP- Open Prefered CL2-F  Level 2 Fun  
AX -  Excellent CL2-H  Level 2 Handler  
AXP Excellent Prefered CL2-S Level 2 Strategy  
MX  Master Agility CTL2 All Level 2 Classes  
MXJ Master Agility Jumpers L2-PLT Point Level 2 Title  
MACH - Master Agility Champion C-ATCH - Agility Trial Champion  
NF - Novice Fast C-ATE Agility trial Extraordinaire  
NFP - Novice Fast Prefered CHST Champion Standard  
OF - Open Fast CHCL Champion Colors  
OFP - Open Fast Prefered CHWC  Champion Wildcard  
PAX Prefered Agility Excellent CHSN  Champion Snooker  
FTC - Fast Century CHJP  Champion Jackpot  
FTCP- Fast Century Prefered CHFH Champion Fullhouse  
XF - Excellent Fast CHJU Champion Jumpers  
XFP - Excellent Fast Prefered    
MXF - Master Fast    
MFP Master Fast Prefered    

** please note there are titles that arent listed here if you want to know more about them please visit each clubs web page

Obedience & Rally

American Kennel Club
Australian Shepherd Club Of America (ASCA) United Kennel Club (Ukc)
CD - Novice Obedience CD - Novice Obedience UCD - Novice Obedience
CDX - Open Obedience CDX - Open Obedience UCDX - Open Obedience
UD- Utility Dog UD- Utility Dog UUD- Utility Dog
OTCH - Obedience trial Champion OTCH - Obedience trial Champion UOCH - Obedience trial Champion
GN - Graduate Novice    
GO - Graduate Open    
RN - Rally Novice   UR01  - Rally Level 1
RA - Rally Advanced   UR02 - Rally Level 2
RE - Rally Excellent   UR03 -  Rally Level 3
RAE - Rally Advanced Excellent   UROC - Rally Obedience Champion

Other Titles

American Kennel Club
Dachshund Club Of America (DCA) United Kennel Club (Ukc)
Ch - Conformation Champion   UCh - UKC Champion
    GRCh - Ukc Grand Champion
TD - Tracking Dog ROM - Register Of Merit UR - United Flat Racer
TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent ROMX - Register Of Merit Excellent URCH - Flat Race Champion
VCT - Variable Surface Tracking ROMO - Register Of Merit Outstanding GRCHFR - Grand Champion Flat Race
CT - Champion Tracker VC - Versatility USR - United Steeple Racer
    USRCH - Steeple Race Champion
JE - Junior Earthdog   UGRCHS - Grand Champion Steeple Racer
SE - Senior Earthdog    
ME - Master Earthdog    
VCD1 - Versatile Companion Dog 1    
VCD2 - Versitile Companion Dog 2    
VCD3 - Versitile Companion Dog 3    
VCD4 - Versitile Companion Dog 4    
VCD5 - Versitile Companion Dog 5    
FC - Field Champion    



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